Longarm Quilting Service

I purchased my longarm machine because I love patchwork, and I was making more tops than I could quilt on a domestic machine. It was a drastic step but it has helped me keep on top of finishing my quilts. Now to save you having to do the same, I am offering a professional quilting service. Whether you have a stack of tops in need of quilting, or just one that is too big for you to manage, give me a call to discuss getting it finished.

I do the quilting on an ABM Innova System, using all cotton threads. Most of my threads are either Superior or Signature in solid or variegated. If you want a fancy thread such as metallics this might be possible, but I don't recommended it for a quilt that will get regular use. The price I quote includes the threads, which we can select when I meet you to collect the quilt. If you post your quilt to me I will post you samples of thread to select from. I am no longer able to accept customer threads, as not all threads run well on these high speed machines.

If you are having trouble finding a large enough piece of wadding I can supply this for you. I can also provide a range of wide backing fabrics. I can either meet you with samples, or for more distant customers, tell me your requirements and I will post or email fabric scans.

I offer five levels of quilting:

  1. Basting - A very large meander of long stitches in a washaway thread. I use a meander as other quilters have found straight lines to leave a mark after the thread has been washed away. Personally I have found myself tempted to fold along these stitched lines which will also leave marks. I believe the meander is the best solution to reduce these problems.
  2. Simple - Larger, all over designs. This is the equivelent of the pantographs offered by other longarm quilters. I choose not to do those and instead offer a range of freehand patterns that will give good texture to busy quilts. If you want a different treatment for borders, there will be an additional charge.
  3. Intermediate - Large designs featuring some intricate work, or perhaps complex quilting over a small portion of the quilt that doesn't justify the full complex quilting charge.
  4. Complex - This covers denser, all over patterns and quilts with different patterns in different areas. It also applies to quilts wich need different colours of thread in different areas, or anything that is quilted with metallic thread. Simple stencils and some other marked patterns are included in this price bracket.
  5. Custom - For the most intricate work I charge by the hour. For stitch in the ditch, grids, complex stencils and custom drafted patterns I use a stopwatch and charge you only for the time I am working on your quilt. As the costs of this type of work vary greatly you will need to discuss your requirements with me directly for me to be able to give you a quote.

For the first four categories of quilting I have an online calculator you can use to get a quote. It requires the dimensions of your quilt in which ever units you prefer. It will then give you the prices for each of the possible quilting options.

Get a quote.